The Truth about the

Digital Sign Ordinance / LED Sign

This is the current sign in the Hilltop shopping district


What does the current sign tell you about the Hilltop District?

To shop or not to shop?  Does it appear safe?  Is it welcoming?


Only 9 businesses are on the sign.  The Hilltop District has over 100 businesses.

The label "Hilltop Mall" has fallen off the top of the sign.  (Sample below can only be found on other side of sign.)

Take a closer look, the screws holding the label panels up are rusted and oxidized.

Lightbulbs used are not energy efficient (technology from the 70's), and emit lots of light-pollution.  During foggy days, they cannot properly light the sign.

Who pays for the "upkeep" of the sign?  The City/Taxpayers


How much revenue does the sign, alone, bring to the City?  $0.00


How many vacant storefronts are around the Hilltop shopping district?  Over 50%


Does the mall own the sign?  No, the city does

The Digital Sign Ordinance would allow for a new enhanced sign.  The sign would be LED; bringing the technology and the look-and-feel to 2015!

This is one rendition of what the new sign could look like.

The name of our district and city proudly displayed

LED portion will promote:


 ~Local businesses in Hilltop and the city

 ~Our community i.e., promote new parks, community events, and non profit and city events

 ~Other businesses 

- Design and lights used are the latest technology.  It will decrease the current light polution, and get rid of the blight


- Part of the ordinance would remove 10 to 12 billboards around the city, therefore eliminating blight all around the city

Who would pay for the maintenance?  Whatever company is selected to       create the sign


Cost of the sign? $1.4 Million Dollars


Who pays for the sign? Whatever company is selected to create the sign


Additional benefits to the city: Approximately $200,000 would be paid to the city annually, just to have the sign up.  This is in addition to the increased tax revenue from more people shopping in the district.  


Our city has a $7.4 million debt, this extra money can greatly help make sure there are no cuts in jobs, education and safety

The approval of the Digital Sign Ordinance has been worked on, by the city, for the past 7 years.  Hundreds of hours have been spent on this ordinance.


It is time to get the ordinance passed and let the Hilltop District thrive again!



Digital Sign Ordinance Public Hearing - City Council

Date: Tuesday, March 3, 2015 at 6:30 PM

Council Chambers, 450 Civic Center Plaza.

We need all homeowners and businessowners to come support!


     Click here for a copy of the Ordinance


     Click here to add your name to the letter of support


Contact your Councilmember and let them know you support the ordinance:

Nat Bates      

Jovanka Beckles

Tom Butt       

Jael Myrick     

Gayle McLaughlin

Eduardo Martinez

Hilltop District Homeowners & Stakeholders Association / City of Richmond / California / The City of Pride and Purpose

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