The improvements consist of the maintenance, servicing, installation, and construction of landscaping on public streets and in easements and public right of ways immediately adjacent to and within the HLMD. In general, the developers of the various properties within the HLMD have installed the improvements.


The subsequent maintenance of these HLMD improvements can proceed uninterrupted by changes in City General Fund each year. Staffing and/or contracting for services as well as fleet or material purchases will be exempt therefore from periodic hiring freezes and budget cuts intended for General Fund as if the HLMD is an 'enterprise' operation.


The maintenance and improvement work to be performed is generally described as follows:

1. Landscape maintenance within the right of way and medians including: watering, pruning, staking and guying, weeding, providing insect and disease control, fertilizing, repairing irrigation systems and appurtenances, and replacement of missing or dying plants and trees as budget permits in the following areas:


    a) Street trees along both sides of Auto Plaza, Research Dr., Lakeside Dr., Shane Dr., Robert H. Miller Dr., Hillview Dr., Klose Way, Garrity Way, and Blume Dr.
    b) Street trees along the outside edge of Hilltop Mall Road.
    c) Street trees and landscaping in the area along the northerly side of Hilltop Dr. from the back of the curb to the adjacent property line fence.
    d) Street trees and landscaping in the areas along both sides of Atlas Road and Richmond Parkway from Giant Highway to 1-80.
    e) Landscaping in median islands.
     f) Landscaping in the Parkway Transit Center at Richmond Parkway and 1-80.
    g) Landscaping and the lake in Hilltop Lake Park and adjacent open space, including increased management of the lake involving drainage and watershed 



2. Maintaining directional and entrance signs, as funds are available.


3. Providing at least one person with vehicle and equipment for general cleanup and litter control.

4. Eliminating graffiti from all public sound walls, retaining walls, signs, equipment cabinets and appurtenances, and other facilities within public property and


5. Maintaining the public sound walls along San Pablo Ave. from Richmond Parkway to Hilltop Dr. and along the north side of Richmond Parkway from 1-80

     to Giant Highway.

6. Maintaining existing and future sculptures within the assessment district.

Hilltop District Homeowners & Stakeholders Association / City of Richmond / California / The City of Pride and Purpose

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