The Hilltop District is located in the City of Richmond California. 


The boundaries of the existing Hilltop Landscape Maintenance District (hereinafter referred to as HLMD) are shown on the Assessment Diagram.  A reduced copy of the assessment diagram appears on the right hand side.
The HLMD contains 1,269 parcels (based on the last equalized tax roll), and is divided into three (3) benefit zones.

The Assessment Diagram refers to the Maps of the Contra Costa County Assessor for an exact description of the lines and dimensions of each lot or parcel of land within the District. The Maps of the County Assessor are incorporated into this report by reference. Its Assessor's Parcel Number keys each parcel on the Assessment diagram to the assessment, which appears in the Assessment Roll.


Zone    Description

1          Hilltop Mall Road & adjoining streets, Blume Drive, Auto Plaza,
            Richmond Parkway, Hilltop Plaza, the Summit and Bay View
            Apartment complex, Lakeside Drive Residential Area, and the
            Lakeside Drive Industrial Area

2          Richmond Parkway West Residential/Commercial Area

3          Atlas Road Industrial Area



Hilltop District Homeowners & Stakeholders Association / City of Richmond / California / The City of Pride and Purpose

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