The HDHSA is currently working on a few beautification and maintenance/improvement projects.  Do you have a suggestion for improvements in our District?  Please send us an email to let us know.




These are projects by the Hilltop District HLMD, paid for with our Special Assessment money, not with City money.  These projects are overseen by the HDHSA working with the City to get them completed.




  • Finishing the Vista Del Mar park at Richmond Parkway and San Pablo Avenue.  Currently it is just a mountain of dirt, near the AM/PM gas station.  They will be installing grass, trees, and a sidewalk that will go all around the Emerald Necklace. Timeline, with pictures, below.






  • Way-Finding Signs.  We are looking to install LED lights on the signs that are currently up. 


  • Weed removal.  Working to clear up all weeds arounds sidewalks and main thoroughfares.


  • New Engineer Report Company.  We have received bids, and made a decision to move forward with a new Engineer Report Company. 



Give us your input on any of these projects here.




  • November 2014 (been in the works for 16 years, delayed by City)

    • Status:  Lights have been installed, irrigation has been replaced. Working on finalizing the landscape, should be complete by end of February 2015.  (has been pushed by City, new due date is end of April)


  • February 2015 (new due date: TBD)



  • Ongoing



  • Effective July 1, 2015.  Company will start working on report around March 2015.







This is a project by the City, paid for with a special bond.   









Give us your input on any of these projects here.




  • August 2014

    • Status: Should be complete by end of February 2015.  (Lack of oversight by City pushed the due date, 99% of lights completely up and working as of March 2015.  Estimated new due date end of April).


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